Premium Protection Service - 24/7

Premium Protection Service - 24/7

Iylus gives you real-time insights into your home or office security system. With Iylus, you will not only stay safe and secure but will also be able to monitor everything going on at your place. This intelligent system will identify incidents, verify them, and generate the best response to meet your needs.

The Iylus Monitoring Center serves as a bridge between the premises where the trigger is generated and the response to counter the event. Once the alarm is triggered, it is passed on to the Iylus Monitoring Center where it is verified. The system then sends an incident alert to the Local Authorities for the resolution of the incident. 

How does it work

Iylus home/office security system runs through a series of steps, completed within no time, to detect suspicious activity, notify the concerned people, verify the alert, and respond as needed. The steps involved in the entire process are described as follows.

  1. A suspicious event or activity takes place in the premises secured by Iylus

  2. An alarm is triggered based on the nature of the activity

  3. The user is notified on the smart device(s) connected to the system (mobile phone, tablets, smartwatches, etc.)

  4. The Iylus Monitoring Center picks up the event, thus starting a verification process

  5. The incident is verified by the Iylus Monitoring Center

  6. The situation is dealt with by initiating an appropriate response

When an incident alert is received by the Iylus Monitoring Center, users have 60 seconds to disarm the system and abort the alarm before verification is initiated. Iylus then reaches out to the user's emergency contacts in the order provided/selected by the user. If no response is received from the emergency contacts, the event is forwarded to concerned authorities. If the system gets disarmed before the Iylus monitoring agent has forwarded it to the Local Authorities, the event will be aborted and the agent will clear the incident and not take any further action. 


Professional monitoring, offered by Iylus is essential to keep you safe and secure. This service, available 24/7, ensures that false alerts are minimized and that your security is never compromised. In comparison to self-monitoring, Iylus Monitoring Center is always there at your service.


Iylus Professional Monitoring

Emergency alerts to user, police, and other response agencies

24/7 burglary, fire, flood, and CO protection

Instant verification of alerts

Live system status (proactive troubleshooting)

Panic mode

Need-based surveillance

No false alarms (verification)

Special protection for elders and children

Available 24/7

Custom alerts