Customer Agreement

Customer Agreement

In addition to the General Terms and Conditions of Iylus Private Limited, the following special Conditions of Purchase for Equipment and Software apply. In the case of any conflict with the General Terms and Conditions of Business, then these Conditions of Purchase for Machinery and Equipment shall take precedence:

[1.] Delivery:

[1.1.] Iylus shall deliver a complete equipment that includes all items that are necessary for ensuring satisfactory operation while maintaining the warranted characteristics

[2.] Delivery Date:

[2.1.] Once an order is made it takes up to 7 working days to deliver the product.

[3.] Installation and Trial Period:

[3.1.] The installation and commissioning shall be performed according to the defined schedule if demanded by the purchaser.

[3.2.] Iylus shall take appropriate consideration of the purchaser's operational interests during the installation, commissioning and take into account that a partial or total cessation of the purchaser's operational activities cannot be demanded. Iylus shall not disrupt or impede the normal operations of the purchaser more than absolutely necessary.

[3.3.] The performance of the equipment must achieve at least 95 % of the average monthly performance as specified in the specification, and this also applies analogously to the trial operation.

[4.] Refund and Acceptance Report:

[4.1.] The equipment acceptance activities shall begin upon completion of the agreed trial period of 14 days. .

[4.2.] As soon as Iylus has provided evidence demonstrating that the agreed performance criteria have been achieved, then this shall be recorded in an Acceptance Report and the Acceptance confirmed. However, should it become clear during the acceptance activities that the equipment was not delivered according to the contract, then Iylus must perform a repeat of the acceptance testing within a reasonable time. The associated costs shall be borne by Iylus.

[4.3.] The performance of the equipment must achieve at least 95% of the average monthly performance as specified in the specification. Should this not be achieved during the trial operation, then the purchaser is entitled to refuse the acceptance of the equipment and ask for a refund.

[5.] Training:

Iylus shall provide qualified technical staff at the site where the equipment is installed if demanded by the purchaser to provide both technical assistance and instruction to the purchaser's personnel on the use of the equipment. This user-training shall be provided with a charge to the purchaser upon installation.

[6.] Warranty:

[6.1.] Iylus guarantees that all items supplied by him and all the services provided are technically state of the art and that they meet the relevant legal provisions, as well as the rules and regulations of the respective authorities and professional interest groups.

[6.2.] The warranty period is 12 months. Only one time replacement will be offered in case the equipment goes faulty. This also applies to spare parts.

[7.] Service:

Iylus undertakes to provide Virtual Customer Service from Monday to Sunday 24/7 for any technical, billing or order complaints.

[8.] Availability of Spare Parts:

The availability of spare parts is guaranteed for a period of 1 year counted from the date of installation. Spare parts in warranty shall be delivered within 5-6 working days on order placement by the purchaser.

[9.] Rights to Use Software Programs and Mobile Apps:

Concerning deliverable software programs and related documentation, Iylus grants the purchaser a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use these in connection with those products for which the program and documentation are delivered according to contract. All other rights to these software programs, mobile apps, and documentation, including making copies and subsequent amendments shall remain with Iylus. 

[10.] Payment Conditions:

Iylus's invoices are due as follows:

100% advance payment while offering a 14 day full return policy.


In addition to the General Privacy Policy of Iylus Private Limited, the following special Conditions of Privacy Policy apply. 

[1.] Privacy statement

We exclusively process your personal data in compliance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation as well as the Data Protection Act. Below, we will inform you of the nature, scope and purpose of data collection and use thereof:

[2.] Collection and processing of data

We process the personal data that you provide to us in connection with a request or order. The data is processed in order to process your request or your order.

4.] Use, sharing and deletion of personal data

We may use the information that we collect about you to accomplish any of the following: 

(1) To provide you with information, services, or process transactions that you have requested or agreed to receive, including sending electronic newsletters, or providing you with special offers or promotional materials on behalf of the Company or third parties. 

(2) To enable you to participate in a variety of the features on the mobile applications. 

(3) To process your registration with the Sites and mobile applications, including verifying that your email address is active and valid. 

(4) To improve and customize your experience when you contact the Sites and mobile applications.

(5) To contact you regarding your use of the Sites and mobile applications and, in our discretion, changes to the Sites and mobile applications or the policies that apply to both.

(6) To display interest-based ads for features, products, and services that might be of interest to you. We do not use information that personally identifies you to display interest-based ads. 

(7) Comply with court orders, valid subpoenas, and/or other applicable laws and regulations for our business purposes; and for purposes disclosed at the time you provide your information or as otherwise set forth in this Privacy Policy.

[5.] Your rights as a data subject

You have the right to revoke, at any time, any consent to the processing of your personal data. The lawfulness of the processing of your personal data up to revocation will not, however, be affected by the revocation.

Furthermore, you have the right, at any time, of access, rectification, erasure and restriction of processing and data transfer of your personal information by the controller. For that please get in touch with Iylus Support Center at

Furthermore, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data; in this case, your personal data will no longer be processed.

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