Iylus Professional Monitoring: Comprehensive Security Solutions for Home and Office

How does Iylus Professional Monitoring work?

Iylus Professional Monitoring provides comprehensive security solutions for your home or office by implementing a systematic process to detect suspicious activities, notify relevant individuals, verify the alerts, and respond accordingly. Here's how the process works:

Step 1: Detection of Suspicious Activity

When a suspicious event or activity takes place within the premises secured by Iylus, the system picks it up. This could be triggered by any of the Iylus security devices, such as motion detectors or cameras.

Step 2: Alarm Activation

Based on the nature of the detected activity, an alarm is triggered within the system. The specific alarm that sounds will depend on the type and severity of the incident.

Step 3: User Notification

Once an alarm is triggered, the user will receive a notification on their connected smart devices. These could include mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, etc., ensuring you're informed no matter where you are.

Step 4: Alert Verification

Simultaneously, the incident is also picked up by the Iylus Monitoring Center, which initiates a verification process. This step is crucial in preventing false alarms and ensuring that any response is appropriate to the situation.

Step 5: Incident Verification

The Iylus Monitoring Center verifies the incident, determining whether it is a false alarm or a legitimate security concern that requires a response.

Step 6: Appropriate Response Initiation

Once the situation is verified and confirmed to be a legitimate security concern, an appropriate response is initiated. This could involve dispatching emergency services, notifying personal responders, or taking other necessary actions based on the nature of the incident.

This systematic approach ensures a rapid and accurate response to any security concerns, providing comprehensive protection for your home or office with Iylus.

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