Iylus Door Lock

Iylus Door Lock

To improve the living quality with innovative technology, we provide the world's leading smart home products by adhering to quality service business development philosophy. In the present Smart Home Industry, we are always improving the product quality by keeping up the pace with the ever-changing demands of our customers at all times. We always try to make sure that people's properties are safe with our Smart home products! From products to services, we always pursue to provide a full range of trusted and comfortable services! 


To continually improve the performance, reliability, and safety, we upgrade the product features from time to time, which can be somewhat inconsistent with the content of the guide you had when you first bought the product.
Note: Iylus will not be liable for accidents and hazards caused by the customer's improper use of the product.

Safety and Precautions
  1. Iylus Smart Door Lock is a high-tech product and the installation directly affects it’s operating mechanism and service life. It is recommended that you install the Door Lock by strictly following the installation guidelines to ensure the quality of installation.
  2. Do not use in an environment with strong radiation, high magnetic field, and high temperature with corrosive substances, so that it doesn't affect the performance and life of the Door Lock.
  3. Set your electronic keypad settings immediately after initialization to prevent anyone from illegal opening of your Door Lock.
  4. Since batteries are not included, for proper functioning of the Door Lock, kindly use brand new 4-pcs AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries. Strictly avoid the use of old batteries or leaked batteries, which can permanently damage the product.
  5. To fully use all the exclusive features of any of the Iylus products, please follow the guide thoroughly. In case of any queries, you can directly contact our Customer Happiness Center at support@iylus.com 
  6. It is recommended to look for professionals for installation

Packaging List

Lock Appearance and Dimension 

Dual Latch Adjustments

Product Performance 
Ideal for home, office indoor lock.
Suitable to 38-50mm thickness door.
Cutting Template

Handle Reversing Method

Installation of Lock body & Strike Box 

Install lock 

Door direction: Right open 

Door direction: Left open

Function and Operation

Unlock Information: Refers to the input Fingerprint, Password, or RFID key information (including Admins and Users).
Key “*": Clear key/Back key
Key “#": Confirmation key or Menu Function key.
Key “* + # + Admin password (123456)”: Goes to settings.
Note: The initial factory settings password is 123456’. You can open the lock under the initial state, using any fingerprint, RFID key or Password.

Admin Settings
To access settings press ‘‘* + # + Admin password”
1- For Admin setting press ‘1’.
  1. Add Administrator by pressing ‘1’
  2. Enter Administrator information, input fingerprint or password (Input Fingerprint 4 times, Input Password of 6-8 digits twice, Input your RFID Key once).
2- Delete Administrator by pressing ‘2’
  1. Enter Admin’s number and press ‘#’ to confirm (e.g 002# to delete information). (All Admins can’t be deleted, One Admin will always be kept).
3- Add a Network by pressing ‘3’ Hotspot connection press ‘1’. Intelligent connection press ‘2’
* Intelligent Connection Mode:
  1. Please follow the instructions to pair your Door Lock with your Iylus app.
  2. When the network is added successfully. The light of letters *,5 ,1 ,2 on the keypad will turn ON followed by the voice prompt of ‘successful’.
  3. When the network is not added successfully. The light of letters *,5 ,1 ,2 on the keypad will not turn ON followed by the voice prompt of ‘failure’.

Steps to Add User Setting
To add users please access settings by pressing ‘‘* + # + Admin password”
To enter add user settings press ‘2’.
1- Press ‘1’ to Add User by entering the password
  1. (Input fingerprint 4 times, Input password 6-8 digits twice, Input RFID key once).
2- Press ‘2’ to Delete User
  1. You will hear a voice prompt of; Press 1, input number delete” (e.g 010#) Press 2, delete all”

You must change the default password ‘123456’ otherwise someone from outside can Add or Delete the
Admin/User and change the default password easily.

System Setting
To enter admin settings press ‘’* + # + Admin password”
To enter systems settings press ‘3’.
Press ‘1’ for Voice Setting
Press ‘2’ for Unlock Mode Setting Press ‘3’ for Language Setting Press ‘4’ for Time Setting
Press ‘3’ for Language Setting
Press ‘4’ for Time Setting
Press ‘5’ for Modifying Room Number

1- Voice Settings
Press 1 and you will hear a voice prompt of; Press ‘1’, to initiate voice command. Press ‘2’, to mute all voice commands

2- Unlock Mode Setting
Press 2 and you will hear a voice prompt of; Press ‘1’ for single unlock
Press ‘2’ for combine unlock
3- Language Setting
Press ‘3’ and you will hear a voice prompt of:
Press ‘1’ for Chinese
Press ‘2’ for English

4- Time Setting
Press ‘4’ and you will hear a voice prompt of ‘Present-time is 1903041153, please modify.’ Please modify based on the format (Year-Month-Day, i.e. 1903041153). Press ‘#’ to confirm, you will hear a voice prompt of ‘Successful’.

5- Room Number Modification
Press ‘5’ and you will hear a voice prompt of ‘By default room number is 8888, please modify.’
Enter 4 numbers of your choice and press # to confirm, i.e. 4444#. After successful modification of room number you will hear a voice prompt of “Successful.”

Remote unlocking:
Wake up the screen by pressing ‘9’ + ‘#’. There will be a voice prompt of ‘requesting remote unlocking’.

Restore Factory Setting
Press the Restore key under the battery cover on the rear panel of the lock for around 6-8 seconds and you will hear a voice prompt of a beep tone, which means you have restored successfully.

Setup the Device
1- Reset device
Remove the battery cover from the rear panel.
Press the Restore key under the battery cover for around 6- 8 seconds, you will hear a voice prompt of ‘Successful’, which means you have restored successfully.

2- Lock Pairing Mode
Press * and # key on lock.
Press 1, add Administration information(Admin Password or Fingerprint), then press 1 for Administration setting.
Make sure lock is in Intelligent Connection Mode

Add Device


Important Notes 

1. The system will automatically enter an invalid input state if the unauthorized unlocking information is incorrectly entered for more than 5 times within 5 minutes, and the invalid input state will last for 90 seconds.
2. If the voltage is lower than 4.5v, the lock will automatically alarm whenever it is opened. After the alarm, the lock can be opened 200 times. As the number of times exceeds, each unlock delay is 5 seconds, new batteries must be replaced before the limit is exceeded.
3. Password Peeping Prevention Function: 
Input password as follows when opening the door with password ‘XXX password XXX’. You can add some extraneous codes before and after the password, and then press # to confirm. 
4. If there is no operation for more than 10 seconds, the system will automatically exit.
5. Initialization Setting: 
Press the restore key under the battery cover on the rear panel of the lock for around 6-8 seconds. All the unlock information and records will be cleared after initialization. 
6. Normal open mode under close status, press 5# and you will hear a voice prompt of “Please input unlock information”. Input the information to unlock, and you will hear a voice prompt of ‘Normal open mode, please pay attention to lock’.
7. For normal open mode under open status, press ‘5#’, and you will hear a voice prompt of ‘Normal open-closed’.
8. Anti-lock function: 
After pressing the back lock key, you will hear the voice prompt say ‘The door is locked’. Now, ordinary users cannot open it, and only administrators can unlock it.


Power supply: 4.5V-6V(4pcs AAAbatteries)
Quiescent current: <50-65uA
Administrator’s number: 9
Unlock methods: Fingerprint, IC card, Password, Key, Iylus App
Working current: > 250uA
Fingerprint: <= 100
Card: <= 100 
Password: <= 100 : 
Password length: 6-8 bit 
Phantom password: 16 bit 
Lower voltage alarm: 4.5+0.2V 
Working temperature: -10°C~60°C
Working relative humidity: 20% ~ 93%

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