Iylus Outdoor Camera

Iylus Outdoor Cam Pro

Start using a new device by downloading Iylus, an App that manages everything straight from your phone. Easily connect with your WiFi and control multiple devices from the touch of the fingertips.

What's in the Box

Get Ready
• Select your WiFi network and enter Password. 
• Make sure your mobile device is running iOS 8(or higher) or Android 4.1(or higher).
• Make sure you're connecting to a 2.4GHz WiFi network(The camera cannot function with 5GHz WiFi networks).

1. Download the Iylus App from the App Store or Google Playstore

2. Register yourself on the Iylus App
Step 1: Enter your Mobile number or Email address.
Step 2: Enter the verification code and your password. 

3. Plug-in
If a MAC filter is applied on the Router then you need to Add the MAC address to the router. 
Minimum 500kbps upload speed is required for one camera. Please make sure you have an internet connection for a number of cameras.
A stable internet connection is mandatory.

- How do I reset my device?
• Use a screw to remove the down panel.
• Press the Reset Button for 4-6 seconds until the camera starts to beep.

4. Add device

• Before adding, make sure the device is configured and you will hear voice notification of 'Beep'.
• Open Iylus App, click '+' on the top corner of the 'HOME' page, then select 'Iylus Smart Outdoor Cam Pro'.
• If the camera is in a pairing state, press "Next Step".
• Select your WiFi network and enter the password, click "OK".
• Read the instructions about 'Scan with the camera', then click 'Continue'.
• Scan the QR code shown on the Phone screen using the Iylus Outdoor Smart Camera. 
• Make sure you maintain about 15-20 cm distance between the mobile device and Outdoor Camera.When you hear the prompt, tap 'long beep' and wait for device connection till you succeed.
• If your camera fails to connect, please RESET the Iylus Smart Outdoor Camera and repeat the above steps. 
*Please refer to the specific App interface if there are any differences.

5. Interface Introduction
Reset: Long press the Reset button  for 5 seconds to reset the camera. 
SD Card Slot: Supports local SD Card storage (Max 128GB). 
Light Sensor: To control the IR switch at night.  
Night Vision: 15 meters infrared night vision
Speaker: Supports two-way audio so you can hear the voice. 
Mic: Captures sound for your video. 
LAN Port: Supports RJ45 cable connection. 
Power: DC12V/2A input. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I share with family and friends?
Yes, you can share with family and friends who will have access to view the camera and other devices. In order to share with family and friends, the other user should already have downloaded the app and log in with the similar account. 

2. What's the Wireless Range?
The range of the Camera is heavily dependent on your home WiFi router and the placement of the camera. Check your router specification for the exact data range. 

3. What if the device appears offline or unreachable?
Make sure your WiFi router is online and in range.
Make sure you have the latest app functionality by clicking 'Check for firmware update' in your device settings.

4. Cannot connect to your WiFi network.
Make sure you entered the correct WiFi password during the WiFi setup. Check whether there are any Internet connection problems. If the WiFi signal is too weak, reset your WiFi router and try again. 

5. Is the process the same when I add the device through WiFi or network cable?
Yes, they have the same process. In order to add the device, go to step 4.

Note: Your router may have a limit on the number of devices that can be connected to a router at one time.

Graphical Representation of Assembly Steps
Rotate and open the base.
Fix screws to the wall.
Rotate and close the top cover of the base and install the equipment. 

System Requirements
• Mobile device running iOS 8(or higher) or Android 4.1(or higher).
• WiFi network.
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