Iylus Indoor Cam Pro

Iylus Indoor Cam Pro

1.What’s included

Appearance and Introduction

2. Steps to Download the Iylus App from the App Store or Google Playstore

Register yourself on the Iylus App

Step 1: Enter your Mobile number or Email address.
Step 2: Enter the verification code and your password.

  1. If a MAC filter is applied on the Router then you need to Add the MAC address to the router. 
  2. Minimum 500kbps upload speed is required for one camera. Please make sure you have an internet connection for a number of cameras.
  3. A stable internet connection is mandatory.

3. Installation Steps

How do I reset my device?

• Tilt up the camera then press the Reset Button for 5-6 seconds until the camera starts to beep.
• Optional: Insert TF card as shown in the below-given picture.

4. Add device

• Before adding, make sure the device is configured and you will hear voice notification of 'The camera is now ready to begin pairing'.
• Open Iylus App, click '+' on the top corner of the 'HOME' page, then select 'Iylus Smart Indoor Cam Pro'.
• If the camera is in a pairing state, press "Next Step".
• Select your WiFi network and enter the password, click "OK".
• Read the instructions about 'Scan with the camera', then click 'Continue'.
• Scan the QR code shown on the Phone screen using the Iylus Smart Camera
• Make sure you maintain about 15-20 cm distance between the mobile device and Indoor Camera.When you hear the prompt, tap 'I heard the Prompt' and wait for device connection till you succeed.
• You will hear a voice prompt of ‘Camera online’ after successful pairing.
• If your camera fails to connect, please RESET the Iylus Smart Indoor Camera and repeat the above steps. 
*Please refer to the specific App interface if there are any differences.

QR Code Connection

Tips: The device only supports 2.4GHz WiFi currently and not a 5GHz WiFi network. The WiFi password should not contain any special characters e.g. !,@,#,$,%,^,&,*,(), and when configuring please put your phone and devices as closely as possible.
Power on the camera, you will hear the voice prompt “Wait for WiFi configure”. If you don't hear anything at all, please reset the camera to default Iylus settings.

EZ Mode Connection

EZ mode is a primary pairing method for all devices.   
1- Open your Iylus app.
2- Go to add device. 
3- Select a device to add.
4- Select pairing method - (EZ Mode) and follow instructions. 

Cable Mode
Power On the camera and connect the camera with a network cable, wait for the LED light signal to turn On.

Interface Introduction

Reset: Long press the Reset button  for 5 seconds to reset the camera. 
SD Card Slot: Supports local SD Card storage (Max 128GB). 
Light Sensor: To control the IR switch at night. 
Lens: 3.6mm, 110 degree view lens. 
IR LEDs: 6pcs IR LEDs inside with 10m IR distance. 
Speaker: Supports two-way audio so you can hear the voice. 
Mic: Captures sound for your video. 
LAN Port: Supports RJ45 cable connection. 
Power: DC5V/1.5A input. 

5. Installation Steps

a. Ceiling Installation
Use the included mounting bracket to fix the camera to a clean surface.

b. Desk Installation
Put the camera on a flat table or surface. 

c. Download the APP 
Search for Iylus in the APP store or Google Play Store or scan the QR Code below to download.

6. Register/login with an existing account 

a. Register 
In order to register an account, please goto Iylus web page. Click ‘Create New Account’ and read the Privacy Policy. Click 'Agree' to enter the registration page by entering the Email address to get the verification code to finish the registration.

b. Login with an existing account 
If you already have an account click “Log in with existing account”, enter your registered email address and the password to login.

7. App Setting

1. Family Management. 
2. Multiview Camera.
3. Voice control entrance. 
4. Add a new device. 
5. Local information. 
6. Display management. 
7. Add a device for the first time. 
8. Me(Personal Information: Home Management; Motion Detection Message Center; FAQ & Feedback; More Services; Settings). 
9. Smart screen with conditions or other Iylus devices like an alarm, light, controller, etc. 
10. Home device list. 
11. SD/HD switch. 
12. Camera Setting. 
13. Sound option(Speaker). 
14. Vertical Full Screen. 
15. Horizontal Full Screen. 
16. Camera snapshot (save image on phone). 
17. Manually record(record videos on photos).
18. Collapse the menu. 
19. Talk button (Press to talk to the camera). 
20. Playback the recordings. 
21. Photo album(the snapshots can view here). 
22. Theme color (Light mode and dark mode). 
23. Private Mode(Camera display turn off on app). 
24. Enable Auto tracking to follow the movement. 
25. Motion detection alarm (Send alarm notification if any movement is detected). 
26. Sound Detection (Send alarm notification if any sound is detected). 
27. Patrol (Panoramic patrol to move every angle Site Patrol will patrol all sites and stay at each site for 10s). 
28. Siren alarm (To make alarm sound to scare the suspicious person). 
29. Camera features page. 
30. Message (Alarm message page to show when there is motion or sound detected). 
31. Direction(To control camera directions).
32. Site (Pre-set can store max 6 sites. When you click the site the camera will move to the place automatically). 
33. Cloud Service (Offer by Iylus with AWS cloud service to record videos on the cloud). 
34. Smart (Different from the home page, Iylus Smart Indoor Cam Pro allows smart actions). 

8. Camera Setting
1. You can edit the camera name, and can also change the Icon and the location.
2. Device information includes owner’s IP address, Device ID, Time Zone, WiFi Strength.
3. Tap to run the scenes or automations created.
4. Private Mode (Turn off the camera display on the app).
5. Basic function Settings screen: Time watermark and you can also choose a talk mode of one-way or two-way. 
6. Detection Alarm Setting: Motion detection, Auto Tracking, Alarm Sensitivity Level, Activer Area, Human Body Filtering Sound. Detection and Schedule, etc are all part of it.
a. Alarm sensitivity level: high means long-distance and low means short distance.
b. Surveillance Area Setting: To set the area you want to trigger a motion alarm. 
c. Human Body filtering: Alarm triggers only if the camera detects human shape. 
d. Motion Tracking: Auto-tracking people or moving objects. 
e. Sound Detection: Enable sound detection alarm. 
f. Schedule: To add an alarm schedule. 
7. Siren Adjustment: To adjust the volume and duration of the siren.
8. Iylus VAS services like cloud storage.
9. Offline Notification: When the device is offline and still sends notifications. 
10. FAQ and feedback: General questions about Iylus cameras. 
11. Share Device: Share the device with your family or friend (Should have an account in the same area). 
12. Add to Home Screen: Add a shortcut of the IPC to the homepage.
13. Device update: Update notifications show up here, or you can choose auto-upgrade so the camera upgrades automatically.
14. Remove device: When you want to delete the device or change the WiFi network of the camera, you have to remove it to unbid the camera from the account. 
15. Restart Device: Restart the device remotely.

Please read the Q&As below to have a brief understanding of the common issues.

Q1: How do I reset my camera to factory settings? 
A1: Delete the camera from your app list directly or long-press the reset button for 8 seconds until you hear the voice prompt “Reset, camera reboot”. 

Q2: I have selected the 2.4GHz WiFi and entered the password correctly. Why does the camera still not connect to WiFi? 
A2: 1. Please make sure the network you used is the same one for your phone and the camera. 
2. Please make sure your Router enables DHCP, so you could log in to the router settings to check. If it’s disabled the camera will not get IP and fail to connect. 
3. Please press the reset button for 8 seconds to restart the camera. 
4.Please make sure the Wifi signal intensity is over 80%. 

Q3: How do I change the camera from one router to another? 
A3: First delete the camera from your app list or long-press the reset button for 8 seconds. Then configure the camera again. 

Q4: Why can't SD cards be recognized? 
A4: Please check the camera settings and make sure you set up the camera to record on an SD card. Currently, it supports 128GB SD cards. 

Note: Please make sure the SD card is not damaged and supports only FAT32. 

Q5: Why can’t I receive the alarm information when I see a device online and have a motion detection event? 
A5: Please make sure you have enabled the push notification and alarm notification from the Iylus App. 

Technical Specifications 

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