Professional Monitoring Solutions for workers

What is Workershield 24/7 Professional Monitoring?

Workershield is a state-of-the-art safety and tracking application tailored for field workers, offering an unmatched blend of security and real-time monitoring. A standout feature is the emergency response system: workers can activate an alarm either by pressing a panic button, pressing volume button of their phone for 3 times or by simply  shaking their phone, immediately alerting our 24/7 alarm monitoring team who promptly respond to ensure the worker's safety and coordinate necessary assistance. Additionally, the app sends automatic notifications to emergency contacts pre-set by the user, ensuring a comprehensive response. 
Beyond emergency situations, Workershield offers a suite of features including smart routs, smart connectivity and smart security all accessible via a user-friendly interface. It's an essential tool for industries such as logistics, food delivery service etc. not just for monitoring but as an integral part of creating a safer, more efficient, and compliant workplace, reflecting Workershield's commitment to innovation in worker safety and operational efficiency.

Workershield offers a smart, real-time security solution for your home or office, ensuring not only safety but also comprehensive monitoring capabilities. This intelligent system is designed to detect incidents, verify them, and determine the most effective response tailored to your specific needs. Serving as a critical link between your premises and the required response, the Workershield Monitoring Center plays a vital role in addressing any potential security concerns. 

When an alarm is triggered within your premises, the notification is instantly relayed to the Workershield Monitoring Center. At this stage, the system works to verify the alert to prevent false alarms and ensure an accurate response. Once verified, the system sends an incident alert to the Local Authorities. These authorities can then take the necessary steps to resolve the incident promptly and efficiently.